Journal Prompt for the Insecure Heart

This is a wonderful journal prompt for the insecure heart struggling with self worth… so of course it resonated with me down in my core.

I pulled this journal prompt from my handwritten journal, a classic black and white composition book that has been an extension of me since my August 2017 spiritual awakening. I think it’s safe to say I’ve become a journaler.

Journal Prompt for the Insecure Heart

This ‘ol girl has been with me through a lot.

This journal accompanied me to each session of The Untethered Soul Book Club/Yoga Class I attended Wednesday nights in the Fall 2017 at an incredible local yoga studio called The Body Electric Yoga Company.

This journal entry was from my class notes for The Untethered Soul Week 6. Oh yes, I took notes!

Our two amazing instructors first led the class of ladies through a guided meditation and then presented a journal prompt for a free-write exercise as we sat on our yoga mats.


What would life look like if you believed these words wholeheartedly?

I would feel different when I look in the mirror, when I face loved ones, or meet people for the first time.

The mind chatter quiets into a whisper, then silence.

I would shine the light from within for all to see.

I could be fully present wherever I am, at all times.

A feeling of peace and gratitude would flow in my veins and would not have to be called forth in moments of intention or crisis.

Courage would propel me.

I could live my purpose and give glory to God for this identity, as a divine daughter, made by my Creator to be exactly as I am.

I would live without fear, fully trusting who God says I am and the plan He has for my life.

I would have come through the fire of a life defined by insecurity and the fear of never being enough to the truth that I AM ENOUGH right now, and will always be enough.

Then I can guide others to that truth that has set me free.
{Tears on my yoga mat}

Journal Prompt for the Insecure Heart

I invite you to sit with this journal prompt too, maybe even on a yoga mat if that feels good to you.

Take a deep breath. Then say it out loud: I AM ENOUGH.

Say it again. I AM ENOUGH.

Take another deep breath. Now ask yourself, what would your life look like if you believed this wholeheartedly?

Journal Prompt for the Insecure Heart I Am Enough

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