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Hi, I’m Erin.

My story is about insecurity, body image, disordered eating, control issues, perfectionism and a lifelong hustle for worthiness.

But my story is not over yet.

Erin L Todd Ginger In Progress About


The latest chapter includes a spiritual awakening which has shown me my security comes from God and my worthiness is inherent.

As my story unfolds, I seek to fully grasp this truth, claim it for my own and live it daily with the understanding that I am both a masterpiece and a “ginger in progress”, simultaneously.

Now I am following Jesus not diets. I am pursuing well-being not weight loss.

After my awakening, I felt a call to share my story with other women who might be struggling with some of the same issues I struggle with. That’s why I started this blog.

Why a blog?

I want to create something that will do several things:

  • Help me learn the lessons that keep slipping through my fingers, that have swirled around me my whole life.
  • Help me to reflect on my story and own it.
  • Be real enough that I can share it with others, so others can relate to it and be helped by it.
  • Document this spiritual awakening so I never forget it and grow from it, so it becomes my testimony and evidence of God’s work in my life.

This is my intention for this blog.

I hope that you find truth and inspiration here. I’d love for you to follow my journey and learn and grow along side me.

Just for Fun: 10 Things you probably didn’t need to know about me

  1. I can’t swim underwater without holding my nose. As a Floridian living on the water, this is a shameful and sad state of affairs. I’m going to have to work on that.
  2. I am an avid and enthusiastic consumer of nut butters and cheese.
  3. I can do a mean cover of Bon Jovi’s Wanted Dead or Alive at karaoke.
  4. My husband and I had our Fur Baby’s name (Rufus) picked out at least a year before finally pulling the trigger and getting the French Bulldog of our dreams.
  5. I’ve never been fired from a job but have gladly quit the following positions: clothing retail at the mall, coffee barrista, college newspaper reporter, waitress, attorney, photographer, day trader.
  6. I used the rusty Spanish skills I learned in high school and college to do all of the talking on our “weddingmoon”/elopement to Buenos Aires, Argentina. It sounded a lot like this: “Mas Malbec, por favor.”
  7. I’m generally not very competitive, except on Tuesdays for our kickball-followed-by-trivia team. Go Kick In A Box!
  8. I made it all the way through college without drinking beer or water. I didn’t like the taste of either. I have since acquired the taste for both. But I’m quite picky.
  9. I can recite nearly every line of the following movies: Dumb and Dumber, Grease, Annie, The Little Mermaid.
  10. As a natural redhead I feel a strong connection with and look up to the following awesome fellow gingers: Bobby Flay, Gillian Anderson, The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond, Gretchen Rubin, Amy Adams & Lara Casey.



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